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Can Bulldogs Swim Yahoo Answers

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Bulldogs have less of a chance of being swimmers because of their dense bones and short legs but some may do fine. It is said breed can not swim because of his physique, so be very careful around swimming pools, however some french bulldog owners have reported that their dogs can indeed swim.

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(plus i want a dog that i can bring to the doggie beaches!) so please answer if you have, used to have, or are highly educated about french bulldogs.

Can bulldogs swim yahoo answers. This is so not true, i own an alapaha bulldog basically the same as an american and my dog could swim all day long if i'd let him.anytime he sees water when were out for a walk he's all over it. I prefer active little dogs, if i do have any dog under 20 lbs., who can hike for days, and swim. I live in florida and there are lots of swamps and im scared if he or she gets lost he will drown.

Hey thanks for answering my a loot questions! This is an unusual breed of gundog. I have heard that whippets and greyhounds cannot either.

Join yahoo answers and get 100 points today. Is it true that they bond well with children.hope they're tough too.lol.my youngest will be three by time we get the puppy.and she's rambunctious! Lots of animals are heavier than a bulldog and can swim.

A top contributor only means you answer a lot of posts, whether the answer be right or not. They may wheeze, snore and be gassy. If too overweight, the french bulldog may have trouble breathing, because of a swollen abdomen.

Join yahoo answers and get 100 points today. The question will always be, is it survival or does harry not know that bulldogs can't swim? Not all dogs are able to swim!

English bulldogs are too deep chested and can drowned if they fall in water. Individual dogs are all different and may or may not swim. I dont want just anyone to answer.

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I own dachshunds and my dogs swim just fine. A lot of bulldogs have a tail pocket and/or a nose rope that will also need at least daily cleaning along with their eye wrinkles. Some breeds can swim better than others.

Im just looking for a fun goofy dog that i can take places, show off and one that'll want to do all that with me but can still be reserved in the home, especially for apartment life Your poor little dog isn't lazy or stupid!i worked with someone who had english bull terriers:some could swim, some couldn't! It's not because they're too heavy.

The french bull dog is a breed of dog that you should let swim. I breed french bulldogs & they cannot swim.ever. But this does in no way mean you cannot have one of these dogs!!!

🙂 yesterday i red a lot infos about dogs which i chosen so far! Not all dogs can swim but, the labrador retriever can automatically swim starting when it's a puppy. And i know plenty of chihuahuas that can and do swim.

Don’t assume that your dog will naturally be able to swim; One of their dogs fell into their pool and died!nobody was home at the time. Only thing is i've been told by a few people that it stinks so badly, that some owners have actually decided to give their dog away.

I have never had those issues. They are heavily built dogs who just can't keep themselves afloat. Due to their muscle mass and their body shape, swimming is very very awkward for them.

These dogs often can swim, but it takes a lot more energy to. Far healthier than their english cousins, which i used to raise and show too. Some dogs also need to be taught to swim!

Some types of bulldogs can swim, like the alapaha which loves water. Additionally, some dogs are afraid of water and can’t swim. While it is not absolute than any dog of such a breed can’t swim, it’s very difficult for them in general.

I've done some research and i fell in love with this breed. Okay so i really love french bulldogs and i was planning on getting one until i heard that they can't swim. How are they with potty training?

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Basset hounds are another dog that probably won't be strong swimmers but i have seen it done. Most dogs can swim, but not all. Anything you can tell me about life with an english bulldog!

Bulldogs love the water and they think they can swim but they can't. Bulldogs, french bulldogs, pugs, boston terriers, and other dogs with similar build often are unable to keep themselves afloat. Are all these dogs very slobbery and smelly?

They can have allergies as can any dog. Here we have the synchronized swim team, and coach harry can't stand how they don't get it, so he decides to show them how it's done! About 95% of bulldog cannot swim either due to the way they are shaped so if they will be around a pool or water they should have a life jacket on.

My husband really loves the english bulldog. I also heard bulldogs cant swim either(big head pulls them down) I can only surmise that people who own a dog with issues bought if from a not so great breeder.

Yes, that would be very bad if one of your english bulldogs accidentally fell in the pool. Ive read that frenchies cant swim, are kind of lazy, that boston terriers are bouncy and very hyper. That will bring a smile to your face.

My husband and i are looking to purchase a puppy next fall and want to hear from english bulldog owners and enthusiast. French bulldogs are actually quite healthy. •bulldogs can't swim because their legs can't paddle fast enough to support their bodies.

These little dogs are very comfortable on the water and they love to swim! Don't just chunk your dog in water and assume it can swim, because the fear can make them go under and get water in their lungs. The way its legs are shaped makes it hard for is to swim so it will drawn.

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Some like water some don't. When they are near water, they need to wear life vests for their safety. Some pugs can swim, i've seen it with my own eyes.

You will hear about the ones with serious issues. I.e., they sink like rocks. Harmful advice can & will provide death to such a dog.

We have two english bulldogs and it's very true: The majority of english bulldogs and pugs cannot, although like with everything there are exceptions. He's been hanging around the waterdogs way too long!

They (english bulldog) can't be in hot day or cold day. They are independent and can be stubborn, so consistent training is a must. Any and all info and opinions are welcome.

I would deffinitely clean my dog as much as i'd need to, but they made it sound like it wouldn't help. A little extra assistance with the use of a lifejacket can help these breeds stay afloat while they work out the mechanics of swimming. They don't bend in the middle like a lab either.

Both are brachycephalic breeds, which i tend to shy away from as personally owned pets. Members of this breed are commonly known as belgian barge dogs, as they were used for security and to keep the boats free of small pests. Never put a dog that has never swam before in a pool, it could drawn.

If he wants to go into water, great.

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